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It's the topic of flooring and floor construction that unites our customers. Yet every customer has different needs.

  • As a true professional, you have a high standard of workmanship. You also demand perfect solutions and reliable product systems for special applications.
  • Are you the boss of a large craftsman's business? Then you expect your people to use the products easily and safely – and above all free of complaints.
  • As a small business, you cannot afford complicated warehousing. What you need are flexible product systems for multi-purpose use.
  • As a retailer, you expect high product performance and rapid availability.
  • As a newcomer in the market, you're interested in seminars and easy-to-handle products.
  • Being an individualist, your requirements cannot be predicted. That's why you're looking for an expert who can provide you with perfect advice in every situation.


No matter what type of customer you are: Partner up with Thomsit for more power!

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